Neuro Developmental Treatment and Sensory Integration

NDT (Neuro Developmental Treatment) is ever evolving and widely used treatment approach in Neuro Rehabilitation.

NDT was developed by Karel Bobath and Berta Bobath (formerly known as Bobath’s Treatment/ Bobath Approach) for controlling and enhancing function in persons with neurological problem who has difficulty in controlling movements as following stroke or cerebral palsy.

At LAKSHYA Neuro Rehab Dr. Viral Shah is Certified Bobath / NDT Therapist from IBITA ( and all patients are receiving NDT treatment under his guidance and care.

Along with NDT, At LAKSHYA Neuro Rehab we treat patients with combination of different approached like Motor Relearning Program (MRP) by Carr n Shepherd, Brunnstrom Treatment Approach, Myo Facial Release, Task Oriented Treatment Approach, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) etc.

With use of variety of treatment techniques for neuro rehabilitation along with advanced neuro physiotherapy treatment like BWSTT, Dynamic Hand Splint, FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation), Virtual Reality based Neuro Rehabilitation etc. LAKSHYA Neuro Rehab has achieved higher success rate for recovery in neurological patients.

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